Eastern National Academy of Gymnastics runs a general gymnastics program for children 5 years old and older. Our main emphasis is on safely learning fun gymnastics. ENA's general program class lasts an hour and a half and meets once per week. Each week the students take part in a 15 minute stretch period, 3 different gymnastics events and a 15 minute strength period. Girls' events include: Tumbling, Mini- Trampoline, & Balance Beam or Trampoline, Uneven Bars, & Vault.

Boys follow the same program, but utilize boys' equipment such as rings, pommel horse, parallel bars, etc.

Our program is perfectly designed so that your child can develop the strength, coordination, and balance that he/she can use in all physical activities. In addition, the classes build self-confidence and give our students the chance to try out our fun-filled sport in a safe environment.




The Classes

ENA breaks up its general program into the following age groups:

5-6 year olds

6-8 year olds

9-11 year olds

12 and up


Jr. Elite

If your child is not ready for the competitive program or is not interested in competing then the Jr. Elite class would be a perfect fit. This class offers the gymnast a chance to learn advanced level elements on all four events. It is a once a week, doule class that practices for two and a half hours.




Tumbling Classes

These hour and a half classes focus on the tumbling aspect of gymnastics. Perfect for cheerleaders who want to learn basic to adanced elements. We offer both introductory and advanced tumbling.

Registration & Fees

General classes at ENA run for 8 week block. For classes lasting an hour and a half per week the costs is $160.00. A registration fee of $60 is required and covers all classes from September 2012 through August 2013.  Certain sessions run for 7 or 9 weeks due to holidays, and are pro-rated accordingly. There is a 10% discount for an additional class per week, or for multiple children in the program. The registration fee depends on the time of year in which one registers.